"You should never pay more than you have to for the insurance protection you need."

Sharon Ott
Founder and Owner

The Creative Approach To Insurance Counseling

The selection of the appropriate insurance policy to meet the client’s need is surely the most difficult task an insurance agent faces. There are numerous insurance policies of every type, each with its own provisions, coverage and rates.

Not all agents have the same knowledge, ability, experience, patience, time or motivation to conduct the necessary research to serve their clients effectively. The solution lies in the client’s use of a competent agent who provides a creative/personal approach to insurance counseling.


Some of the many creative services SKO Insurance Services provides:

  • Review existing policies at no cost.
  • Conduct research, including comparison shopping to match the client’s situation with the best coverage for the lowest premium.
  • Explore policy options that are most beneficial to the client.
  • Help the client take advantage of low or reduced risk situations.
  • Perform annual policy “check-ups” to make certain the client is currently getting adequate and appropriate coverage.
  • Work as a partner with client’s other professional advisors to integrate insurance coverage into their total financial plan.


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